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We always take distance from others to protect and that’s what we believe and often when they come just run and left them in the dark on a night that could fill with stars and lights so you can move and stay here with us because we kings of this world and we can save this soul with a simple gesture of humility that his soul becomes a roar that will stay and be a god who can ride the darkness of his soul and fight with us because we will never know when this darkness try to attack us and these souls who give birth will come to our rescue like that roar that sometimes we need to wake up from these nightmares and so reassemble the darkness of millions of names and creatures but a simple roar help may disappear like a lion after its prey sometimes we just need to learn to ride and who help us

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I often think that life is like a bucket of ice and not care what others say, but I think it is so by the fact that if you enjoyed that ice cube when you just remember him as a magical moment but if you only see it melts in vain to have him and I think that life is so enjoy it and some others just complain about waiting for something bigger than the change but the secret of life is in the small

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sometimes and hope nobody mix my words with religion but sometimes we just need faith that everything bad that does not attack desaparesca but grace is looking at them from the front and just smile not mock the power of a real smile

aveces y espero que nadie mezcle mis palabras con la religion pero aveces solo necesitamos fe para que todo lo malo que no ataca desaparesca pero la gracia es mirarlos de frente y solo sonreir no se burlen del poder de una sonrisa de verdad

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imlandscaper asked: Hi,! :)~ I am Emilia, I am very new here and I a would appreciate if you spare couple of minutes checking out my blog. Hope you like it :)~ I follow you !!

is very nice to know that finding peace is not necessary to go out of this world but just knowing look that special place thanks for reminding

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